Thursday, October 11, 2012

Doing Church

So, if you had a sec to read my bio you know, I am working for my church sharing responsibilities with another gal in leading our Children's Ministry. While this has been great, it has also been hard trying to figure out our families new "normal', if I can call it that! Nothing about this feels normal, well yet. Let's say yet. I am hopeful! So with this new responsibility, came a time to choose curriculum for the new semester of Sunday School. My partner, let's call her "A", and I just could not find what we wanted in a curriculum, so we decided to write our own. Maybe we just like to do things the hard way or maybe it really is necessary for our church, whichever it way it is; it is a tremendous amount of work! Over the next few weeks I plan on sharing with you some of the crafts I have come up with for this project so stop back by and see what's going on...


Welcome! This is a new endeavor for me. A very exciting beginning when so many things are changing and so many new things happening. I am quite inspired to share with you ideas, thoughts, crafts, activities, homeschooling things, as well as some of the colorful details of raising 5 small precious children, while my husband is finishing school and I work as a Children's Ministry Leader at church. Hopefully, you see a little of me in your own world and can relate a bit. I know there are plenty of you mommies out there like me. Lots of precious kiddos very little time. The Laundry Monster seems to be taking over the house while you are kissing owies and burning dinner.